Should I schedule a tour?

All of our clients are welcome to tour our facility any time during business hours. Please remember that we do not take dogs or cats on the tours so it is best to leave them at home.

Where do the dogs stay?

All of our dog runs are indoor/outdoor allowing your pet the freedom he/she needs to feel comfortable. Each enclosure is approximately 20 feet in length & completely protected from the weather. The indoor area provides the privacy required to relax & enjoy his/her meals while the outdoor portion allows for fresh air and socializing in a safe manner.

Where do the cats stay?

We have two fantastic catteries for you to choose from. Our Deluxe Cattery is great for friendly active cats who love to climb and explore, and maybe even watch some television. Our Original Cattery is perfect for some of our shyer cats who sometimes can be overwhelmed by the new environment. Each cat enclosure includes their own litter box, food, and bedding. And don’t worry; each of our catteries is located away from our canine guests so your cat can enjoy a nice relaxing stay.

What should I bring?

Your pets stay includes: bedding, food, treats, and other general necessities, but please always feel free to bring anything you’d like from home. It is best to bring bedding and items that are washable, so we can be sure to keep them nice and fresh for the duration of your pet’s stay. We have a full kitchen that includes a refrigerator, freezer, and a microwave which allows us to cater to your pet’s dietary needs.

Do dogs stay in their kennels all day?

Yes, dogs stay in their spacious indoor-outdoor runs unless they are signed up for playtime. For an additional charge of $20 playtime can be provided on a per session basis. Each play session is 30 minutes long with a staff member only. Each session also included a photos that we post on our Facebook page for your enjoyment.

Can my pet socialize with other animals while boarding?

For the safety of all the animals we care for we do not mix animals unless they are unless they live together or are familiar with one another.

Do you board animals when you are closed?

Yes, we do board pets while we are closed. Our kennel technicians are working diligently to ensure each animal has a structured and happy stay every day of the week.

What if there is a health emergency with my pet while I am away?

Along with keeping detailed health records while your pet is boarding, each of our staff members are Pet CPR and First Aid Certified and trained to handle emergency situations. If we feel that your pet would benefit from a seeing a veterinary professional we will always try to reach you or an emergency contact first. If the situation calls for immediate action we will transfer your pet to either their own veterinarian or the nearest emergency veterinarian.

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