Dog Training

Our Board and Train Programs

Manners Training

We offer a two week Manners Training program where we will get your dog started on learning the basic core manners behaviors including sit, down, loose leash walking, come here, name recognition, leave it, wait, off and stay. We may include other behaviors or modify these to meet you and your dogs needs. Your dog will be trained in several short sessions throughout the day in different locations around the kennel using positive reinforcement methods. Our trainer will meet with you when your dog is dropped off so that you can meet her personally and see her interact with your dog and so that she can answer any questions you may have. When your dog is picked up you will be provided with a written report of what we have worked on and what you will need to do to when you take your dog home. At this time we will go over the training with you so that you know what to do at home to continue to reinforce the behaviors and keep them strong. The cost for this program is $1500 for the two week stay and includes your boarding fees.

Day Training

Our Day Training option allows people to set up the number of one hour, one on one personal training sessions their dog receives (3 consecutive day minimum).  It also allows us to customize your dog’s training program.  If you want us to work on a specific behavior like leash walking or stays, we can focus on those behaviors for you.  This program is very flexible in that you can choose 3 days, 10 days or however many days you would like your dog trained.  We are also flexible in what we can work on with your dog  during these sessions. When your dog is picked up you will be provided with a written report of what we have worked on and what you will need to do to when you take your dog home.  A t this time our trainer will go over the training with you so that you know what to do at home to continue to reinforce the behaviors and keep them strong.  This program is open to dogs of all ages and is appropriate for puppies of any age as well.  The cost for this program is $135 per day (session) and includes your dog’s daily boarding fees.  There is a 3 consecutive day minimum for this program. We can work on any of the following for our Day Training dogs:

  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Basic Manners (sit, down, wait, stay, off, leave it)
  • Recalls
  • Puppy Training (play biting, mouthing, jumping)


Behavioral Problems

Our board and train programs are appropriate for dogs whose owners would like them to learn some basic behaviors and manners, they are not appropriate for dogs that have serious behavioral issues such as aggression (dog or human), separation anxiety, extreme fear or phobias, housetraining or other issues where owner participation and home management is a critical part of a behavior modification program. Dogs who have behavioral issues or are shy, nervous or fearful will not be able to relax enough to learn well in our board and train programs. However, we may be able to help you privately with these issues.

Your Part

When your dog comes to us for board and train we will be working with your dog consistently and regularly. Generally, you can expect them to have a good, solid foundation of the basic behaviors. Your job will be to continue to work with them at home to reinforce what they have learned with us. It is important that you continue to reinforce at home what we have worked on during their stay. This will ensure that the behaviors stay strong and will also help build your relationship with your dog through training.

Board and Train Frequently Asked Questions

Should I choose board and train or classes? Both board and train and classes are good options, it really depends on you and your dog.  Many people work and feel they don’t have the time to dedicate to starting the training with their dogs.  Board and train is a great option for them because what we do is kickstart the training for you.  This can be done while you are on vacation and your dog is going to be boarding with us anyway.  Many people want to be more involved in the early stages of the training process and want to learn how to do it themselves from the beginning and develop their skill and eye for training.  Classes are a great option for these clients.

Will I be able to meet the trainer before leaving my dog? Yes,our trainer will meet with you on the day you drop off.  This way, you are able to meet her before leaving your dog with her.  This also gives her a good idea of how your dog will do with the training and what our goals should be. We schedule your pick up time with our trainer so she can go over what the dog has learned and you can continue to work with your dog at home.

What methods do you use for your board and trains? We use science based positive reinforcement methods with all the dogs we train.  We will not use pain, intimidation or force to modify behavior. We would prefer to take our time to train the behaviors reliably while always respecting  the animals we are working with.

Can I do board and train with my puppy? Absolutely!  Board and train is a great option for puppies and we love having them come to us for board and train. We are happy to work with your puppy on play biting, mouthing, basic behaviors, self control training and more!  We love puppies!

What can I expect when I pick up my dog? If your dog has come to us for the two week manners training they generally have a good understanding of the basic behaviors including sit, down, loose leash walking, wait, leave it, stay, come.  However, all dogs are individuals and learn at a different pace.  How quickly the dog learns depends on many things including, but not limited to the following; the age of the dog, the dogs learning history, the genetic make up of the dog, how well the dog works with strangers, how easily the dog adapts to boarding, etc.  Our goal is to train your dog while respecting the dogs comfort level and we will always modify our training plans to meet the needs of the dog. In other words, if a dog comes to us for basic training but we learn that he can not cope with being outdoors without being extremely aroused then we would need to address that issue first.

Will I have to work with my dog when he/she comes home from board and train? Yes. Training is an ongoing process that involves not only training but also how you manage and live with your dog in general. In order to keep behaviors strong and reliable you will be required to continue working with your dog and you will be taught how to use real life rewards to keep your dog responsive and reliable.

Can I attend do board and train and attend classes? Yes, absolutely! Many of our clients opt to do both board and train AND classes. Because we offer advanced classes and are always adding fun new classes, you and your dog are welcome to attend classes after completing board and train. We even have classes where dogs are worked one at a time which allows even fearful or reactive dogs to participate.

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