Dog Training

Our Methods
We believe that the best way to train a dog is to make it fun for the dog. Dogs that are having fun training with you are engaged and focused. Keep it fun, challenging and exciting for the dog and they will enjoy the training process and have more success.


We train dogs using science based, positive reinforcement methods. What this means is that rather than concentrate on punishing behaviors we don’t like, we focus reinforcing behaviors we DO like. We do not use aversive equipment like choke collars, pinch or prong collars or shock collars. Nor do we use intimidation or fear in our training programs. Having trained for many years with a variety of methods, we have found positive reinforcement training to be the most effective and enjoyable. Training can be and should be fun and rewarding for both the trainer and the dog.

Positive reinforcement training does not mean that there are never consequences or discipline involved but the consequences should never be pain or fear. Strong relationships are built on trust, communication and mutual respect, never on fear or intimidation. We are committed to treating both the dogs and their humans with compassion and understanding.

At Dublin Creek Kennels we offer a variety of training classes, such as Puppy, Beginning, Agility, etc. For more information see our class schedule.