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The Importance of Leashes

Most cities have ordinances or laws in regards to dogs being on leash.  This is a good thing because even really trained dogs can be at risk while off leash.  There are so many things that can go wrong and that are out of the owner’s control.  Here are a few reasons why we agree that dog’s need to be leashed.

Cars. Plain and simple, it is a safety issue.  Having dogs off leash in the city is dangerous.  Perhaps the biggest risk is that off leash dogs can be hit by a car.  Even a well trained dog can lose his head if a squirrel or cat runs by.  When this happens, even a dog with a good recall may not actually hear you calling if he has flipped into predation mode. Keeping your dog on a leash means that he won’t be able to be hit by a car.

Leashed dogs. Your dog may be friendly, but that doesn’t mean that other dogs will be okay with an off leash dog running up to him when he is leashed.  We use leashes to keep our dogs safe and under control, but to dogs, it takes away their ability to move away if they are uncomfortable.  Many dogs become reactive and sometimes even aggressive after having off leash dogs run up to them.  This can happen when they are approached aggressively by another dog, but it can even happen if a “friendly” dogs invades their space.  All dogs have a right to feel safe and secure on neighborhood walks. Keeping your dog on a leash means that he won’t be able to run up to and frighten or be hurt by on leash dogs.

Getting lost. Some dogs stay close to their owners, but even very attached and well trained dogs can run off if they get spooked.  Keeping your dog on leash means that he won’t be able to run off and become lost.

Poop patrol. It is critical that dog owners pick up after their dogs.  One of the reasons that dogs are becoming less and less welcome in parks, schools, camping areas, rental properties, hotels and more is because not everyone picks up after their dogs.  It is not only irresponsible not to pick up a dog’s mess but it’s also against the law.  Most of the poop left behind is from off leash dogs.  Keeping your Buy Viagra dog on leash ensures that you will see when they go and be able to pick it up.

Other people. As difficult as it is for “dog people” to understand, many people simply don’t like dogs.  They may be afraid of them, uncomfortable with them, allergic to them or they may just not like them.  It is their right not to come in contact with them.  Loose dogs contribute greatly to the non-dog owning public being frustrated with dog owners.  Keeping your dog on leash ensures that your dog will not upset, frighten or bother other people.

It’s the law. In most areas, it is against the law to have dogs off leash.  This should be reason enough to keep our dogs leashed.

At the kennel, we ask that all dogs be kept on leash at all times.  When bringing your dog into the kennel or out to your vehicles, please keep them on leash.  We frequently have dogs in the lobby and it makes them incredibly uncomfortable, sometimes very defensive when off leash dogs come rushing inside.  Any dog can be frightened, but it can be particularly scary for very small dogs to be met with an excitable bigger dog.  We also may have cats in the lobby that are afraid of dogs.  Being exposed to an off leash dog rushing into the office is not a good way for them to begin their stay at the kennel.  Finally, our dogs int he play yard may be uncomfortable with other dogs rushing the fence line while they are in the yard for their activities time.

For these reasons, we ask that you please keep your dogs on leash at all times while on the kennel grounds. Thank you for respecting this policy.

So, where can your dog be off leash? If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs, you can take your dog hiking to off leash trails, to local dog parks or to enclosed school yards or parks that allow dogs to be off leash.

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