November Newsletter

With Halloween already past and Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about holiday plans.  We are already full for Thanksgiving, but we still have some openings available at Christmas time!  And, we do have a waiting list, so if you end up not needing to board your pet, please contact us to cancel your reservation so that we may give that spot to someone else.  Thank you!



Miller is a 1-2 year old, male German Shepherd.  Well, maybe there is a little something else in there, but mostly German Shepherd!  He is a sweet, outgoing and super friendly guy.  He is fairly active and would make a great hiking or walking partner.  He loves going for walks and car rides.  He gets along well with other dogs too.  So far, Miller hasn’t met a stranger and just loves everyone.  He has been neutered and vaccinated and is ready to find his forever home.  For the month of November, Miller’s adoption fee is only $100!  Please call us at the kennel if you would like to meet this wonderful boy!


We are so proud of the kennel, our staff and all the wonderful renovations we have made for the comfort care of your pets that we wanted to be able to share that with potential clients!  Please check out our new Dublin Creek Kennel video!


As many of you know, last year we had our first Holiday Bake Sale to benefit the animals in our rescue program.  We are very happy to announce that we will be having another bake sale this year!  Once again we will be offering Pecan Tassies, Banana Bread and a variety of other cookies and sweets!  All of the proceeds go to the Dublin Creek Animal Foundation, our 501c3 rescue organization that takes in homeless dogs and cats, gets them spayed/neutered, vaccinated and finds them new loving forever homes!  The bake sale will be held on November 19 – 21.  We are open from 8 to 6 on the 19th and 20th and from 8-1 on the 21st.  We hope to see you here!


  • If you have guests over, remember to let everyone know to be careful around the front door.  People who don’t live with animals sometimes forget or don’t know to be careful around doors.  If your dog or cat is known to try and bolt out the door, you might want to use a baby gate or somehow block their access to the front door.
  • Secure the garbage can by putting it up high or taking it outside right away so your dog Buy Viagra or cat can’t get into the garbage and get a hold of food that may be dangerous.  Cooked bones or even too much fatty food that they aren’t used to can make pets sick and even cause serious health problems.
  • Keep candy put away.  Chocolate is toxic to dogs (as is macadamia nuts) so be sure to keep treats put away so that your dog can’t get into them.
  • If your dog is uncomfortable or afraid of people, have a safe area set up away from all the activity where your dog can feel safe and secure.
  • Make sure that dogs can’t reach food on counters if your dog is a counter surfer.


Because of our rescue efforts we meet many people looking to adopt a loving dog or cat.  We are always surprised when people have strong biases against one gender or the other.  We have had people come in to meet our adoptables and leave, unwilling to see any of our wonderful boy dogs that are looking for homes.  In general, it seems to be that many people are against living with a male dog (or cat).  The concern seems to be that all male dogs will urinate all over the house, try to escape to roam around, be more likely to be aggressive and be more likely to be aggressive with other animals.  Actually, none of these myths have any truth to them, especially since all of the animals we adopt out must be spayed or neutered which drastically decreases the likelihood of a dog marking.  The truth is that male animals generally make wonderful companions.  Some people believe that the best companion animal is a neutered male dog (I am one of those people).   This isn’t to say that female dogs (and cats) can’t also be affectionate and sweet, they can, but certainly a male shouldn’t be ruled out just because he’s a boy.  When we have people looking for a companion for a resident dog, in general, we will recommend that they meet the dogs we have available of the opposite sex of the animal that they currently have, as many times a male/female combination is less complicated.  This isn’t to say that you can’t have two males or two females that get along, it does happen, of course, but we have found that introducing an animal of the opposite sex can be an easier transition.  So, give boy dogs a chance!  You won’t be sorry!  Meet some of our wonderful boy dogs looking for their forever homes!



We have many other wonderful dogs and cats available for adoption!  Please visit our rescue page at


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