A Personal Note from Katherine & Sue

As many of you know, Sue and I love the holiday season. We feel incredibly blessed to have our family, friends and business that we absolutely love. Seeing all of our clients throughout the year travel to different places, visiting loved ones, seeing beautiful cities and even dealing with difficult life decisions reminds us of how truly lucky we all are. Unfortunately, not everyone is that lucky and we are very aware. That is why this holiday season we will be making a delivery of new unopened gifts to the families at the Tri-Valley Haven in Livermore. The Tri-Valley Haven operates a 30-bed confidential domestic violence shelter and 16-bed homeless shelter in Livermore. Here are just a few reasons why the Tri valley Haven is unique,

-They are the only rape crisis center in the Tri-Valley Area.

-They are the only homeless shelter in the Tri-Valley Area that accepts single fathers accompanied by their children, and Payday Loan boys over the age of 10.

-Their domestic violence shelter is in a non-disclosed location, and client information is never released to government databases.

-They are not faith-based; all people are welcome and supported in meeting their spiritual and emotional needs.

-They have strong relationships with the local governments and agencies of Dublin, Pleasanton, and Livermore, facilitating their ability to bring services to more people in need.

We came across the Tri Valley Haven and immediately new that we wanted to help them this year. If any of you would be willing to donate at least one gift, it would be wonderful. They emphasised to us that gifts for teens are really needed. Attached is the 2012 Holiday wish list they sent to us. We will be accepting new unopened gifts for them until December 8th here at the kennel. Please note that they gifts cannot be wrapped.

Thank you so much,

Katherine & Sue

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