October Newsletter

As you know, when the newsletter is late to come out it is because we are busy, busy, busy at the kennel taking care of your wonderful pets!

Halloween Pet Safety Tips
1. Do not allow your pets to have candy. Certain types of sweets including chocolate and chewing gum are toxic to dogs.  Be sure to put candy away where your pets can’t get to it.

2. Keep your dog away from the door when trick or treaters come. There are a few reasons why it is a good idea to secure your pets when kids are coming to your door and trick or treating.  The first obvious concern is that they may get out.  With the door opening and closing, your dog or cat could slip out the door.  Some dogs are territorial and may be reactive to people coming to the door.  Put your pet in another room, away from your front door, give them a good chewie or something to work on to keep everyone safe.

3. Keep your pets inside. It is a good idea to keep your pets inside on and around Halloween.  Cruel pranks are sometimes played at the expense of animals.  Loose animals are an easy target, as are small dogs left in people’s yards.  Black cats may be particularly at risk.

4. Do not take your dog with you in the car when you take your kids trick or treating.   Sitting in a car in the dark while people walk by in crazy costumes may be scary for your dog.  Do them a favor and leave them home.

5. Don’t use decorations Viagra Online that can be pulled down.  Put up decorations that cannot be pulled down and that your pets can get tangled up in.

Holiday Reservations
Remember to book your holiday reservations early!  We do book up early for busy holidays and we want to make sure that we have a spot for your pets if you are planning on going away.  And, if you find that you don’t need to bring your pet to visit us, please give us a call to cancel the reservation so that someone else may have that spot!

Adoptable of the Month
Meet Miller! Miller is a super sweet, outgoing male German Shepherd.  He is about 1 year old and does well with other dogs.  He is an active guy and loves going for walks.  He would love to be a walking or hiking companion.  If you have always wanted a beautiful, loving shepherd Miller is your man.  Adoption fee $150 for the month of October.

Bake Sale Coming Up
Last years Bake Sale to benefit the Dublin Creek Animal Foundation, our 501c3 rescue organization was such as success that we will be repeating that fundraiser this year!  So, just be ready and start making your list of who you are going to get goodies for!

If you are anyone you know is looking to adopt a dog or cat, please have them contact us to meet our adoptables.  We have many wonderful, sweet dogs that are looking for their forever homes.  It would be so wonderful for them to have forever homes for the holidays.











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